Raspberry Pi CNC Controller is board which can control stepper motors for 3 axis devices (X, Y, Z).

It uses Pololu A4988/DRV8825 drivers and can control 2 stepper motors for X axis, 2 stepper motors for Y axis and one stepper motor for Z axis.

Brain of this board is Arduino Nano with GRBL firmware. Board can be used separately (controlled by USB on Arduino) or can be used as hat on Raspberry Pi and controlled by UART.

This board is designed for Mostly Printed CNC, but can be also used on Shapeoko 2/3 , X-Carve and other CNC machines.

It is based on Protoneer schematic and board design ( Thanks ) , but my design was modified to use more driver sticks.

Board is for GRBL 0.9 firmware and pinout is for version 0.9i. In version 0.9j they swaped pin D11/D12 but this board can be still used with this version of GRBL, you just have to connect Z endstop to different pair of pins (more info at wiki page). These pins will be in right order in next revision of the board.



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